Help for Help

Home page or the main page or the first page of the help contains the very important links such as help information, whom to contact for support, how to get best from the project. how to bring a location online and how to obtain helpdesk support.

The entire help is bifurcated into groups or section for easy browsing through the entire Help topic wise. The topics are clubbed into folders and sub folders and files for ease of understanding by the user. Click on the folder and then sub folder / file to open the desired information required..

How to get CMS support is available on this link. All contact information for CMS project, the network group their railways number, P&T numbers, FAX numbers, email links, mobile numbers are available on this link

There are standard questions or queries being raised by a user (correctly a new users) this information is available on the the FAQ link or the Frequently asked question link. Clicking on this link takes you forward to a page which has folder, sub folders files for easy navigation.

Type a key word, one character at a time and the system tells you all possible key words available in its database in a drop down, select a key word (shown in blue) in drop down and press enter to get to all possible pages available in the help on the left down below. Click on the desired link to get further help.

All the links available in the system in an alphabetical order are available on this link. Click on a particular alphabet to arrive at all possible links related to the particular starting Alphabet.
Tip of the day
At the top of the page tip of the day is available which gets refreshed once you refresh the page or come new on the page when you come on the home page next time.