Improve Printing Quality
Printer Head position always to be position 1 instead of 0 for better head life.
Frequent friction failures occur due to low GSM traction mode paper, paper quality may be improved for better printing result and less friction failures.
LPT cable to be checked periodically to enable proper I/O connection with Host.
Most of the time print job disturbed during printing process due to frequent electrical failure occurred in the lobbies, hence UPS is advisable to be installed with Host (TC).
Ensure set page size to A-4 in FF.
For better printing result resolution may change to 240*72 DPI from 120*72 DPI. However this may increase printing time but result in better printing quality.
CRIS has developed patch to change default setting and push new setting through remote management system to end user who are willing to update printing quality as & when required.