Crew Management System Training Manual






Table of Content For QUICK




1.†††††††† Introduction_ 1

1.1.†††† Select Level 1

1.2.†††† Select Language 2

1.3.†††† Selects Category of Questions 2

1.4.†††† Plays quiz 3

2.†††††††† Frequently Asked Questions 4

2.1.†††† Who monitors the Evaluated performance of Loco crew?_ 4

2.2.†††† Who controls the questions database into the CMS system?_ 4



1.            Introduction

QUICK implies Quiz for Improving Crew Knowledge. This is a crew knowledge evaluation and improvement game. Where in the user is offered a question with 4 answers. The crew has to check the correct on or say pass. In case of wrong mark he is not given any score. While for each right answer there is an increment in marks. There is a fixed time beyond which if the user has not been able to answer the questions then game exits automatically.


When crew login his ID into KIOSK & selects QUICK on crew activity page the below screen appears.



Before start of the Quiz the user has to customize the Quiz according to his needs.


1.1.                Select Level


††††††††††† The crew has to select the level from 1 / 2 / 3.

††††††††††††††††††††††† 1 Easy

††††††††††††††††††††††† 2 Medium †

††††††††††††††††††††††† 3 Difficult .


1.2. Select Language

The crew selects Options as Hindi / English



1.3. Selects Category of Questions

The crew selects Category in which the Questions are to be played. Like Safety, Mechanical etc



1.4. Plays quiz

The crew is offered a set of questions based on the configuration selected by the crew





In case a wrong answer is selected by a crew the system guides the user regarding the correct answer by giving a popup message.


2.             Frequently Asked Questions


2.1. Who monitors the Evaluated performance of Loco crew?


The monitoring LI has been given an option for monitoring the progress of quiz played by the drivers. Refer section 7 on LI for details.


Snap shot of LI monitoring is as below




2.2. Who controls the questions database into the CMS system?


††††††††††† At present no one has been assigned the responsibility of the database for the questions by CAO/FOIS as such the correctness of the question bank rests with CAO/FOIS. At present there is one sample question in the database for HINDI.