CMS available on Mobile phone Websites
CMS is now available on mobile phone. In case your mobile phone has internet support then you may enter the following address on your mobile phones Try user name aldcms or jhscms and password 123 to get to the ALD or JHS division data.
Converter from any font of hindi to unicode font supported by CMS
If any lobby have already written work in non-unicode hindi font (eg. devlys, brahma, ajay etc) then to convert it to the unicode font supported by CMS, you can use the website link below. It can help you.
Change of CMS SMS service NO
User are requested to use new no 08860622020 for CMS SMS. The old no 09212022000 has been discontinued on 3rd Sept,2013. The new no will require only normal SMS charges. In case you are not receiving SMS alerts from CMS application please send following sms to 08860622020 : SMS START
CMS on internet
CMS REPORTS can now be view on any internet connection. You can see the same on website address
CMS routes which are not user for more than 3 months will be made inactive from 3rd week of Sept 2012
CMS routes which are provided in configuration console for each lobby will be made inactive if those routes are not been used for more than 3 months. User will not be able to work on those routes onward. Request to re-activate those routes on demand can be considered only with the approval of Branch Officer of concern division.
Crew in CMS database has crossed 123850 in the month of April 2013
48500 crew booked through CMS daily now
CMS routes which are not used for more than 3 months will be made inactive from 3rd week of Sept 2012