C3 - CCC implies CMS Control Center shall also provide support for the CMS help desk round the clock on all working days. The best way to raise an issue is through the CMS internal mailing system. Which has 2 parts one related to the software and alide issues and other related to the Hardware problems. CMS user shall get a response over the mailing system. For furhter contacts the contact information is as follws :-
Contact Number
P&T : 011-26886120
C3 Incharge: 08130992576 (VIPIN GUPTA)
Rly 030-54824
CMS FAX : 011-24122981
CRIS FAX.: 011-26877893
CRIS Phone: 011-24104525
CMS Email :
CMS Email :
CMS ROUTE Incharge: 09717093681 (S.K.DHINGRA),
CMS DOMAIN: 08130162228 (SANJAY KHANNA), 09717898883 (R.K.KHATRI), 8130988551 (ASHUTOSH KUMAR DAS)
For all issues related to network disconnections, IP address, slow network, Reports not open in Division, Port not open please contact
P&T : 011-26877935
Rly 030-54803
However in case of difficulty CMS helpdesk shall provide liason as far as liason with CRIS network dept is concerned.
CMS Project Incharge
In case the issues still remain unresolved you may call Mr. Raghvendra Kumar Sharma, Principal Project Engineer(PPE)/CMS Technical incharge of the project on his mobile number 09958996345.
CMS Application / Database : Amit Saxena,Senior Project Engineer (09958996371)
CMS Report & System Admin : Praveen Malik, Senior Project Engineer